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Grill Your Way to Better Health

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Here are some healthy grilling tips to use at your next summer barbecue, courtesy of BistroMD. According to BistroMD's site, "grilling is the healthiest way to prepare most foods. It can enhance the flavor of meats, poultry, fish and even vegetables."

Use Spices and Herbs

Instead of pre-made marinades or sauces, use spices and herbs as seasoning. This enables the cook to control sugar and sodium. 

Try this Strategy for Better Timing

Season freshly chopped veggies with seasonings of your choice and toss in a bit of olive oil. Then wrap the veggies into a foil pouch. Place pouch on top grill rack while meat is grilling and flip occasionally. This times your meat and your veggies to complete at the same time.

Check for Safe Meat Temperature

BistroMD advises grillers to "make sure your meat is cooked all the way through to avoid food-borne illnesses. Also, make sure you keep a clean, hygienic work space. And always use a thermometer to gauge the temperature of your meat. Place it in the center or the thickest part of the cut for the most accurate reading."

After the Meal

Grill sliced pineapple and serve warm over Greek yogurt for dessert. Then use leftover grilled veggies the next day on a salad or as a homemade pizza topper. They can also be used with your leftover grilled chicken or steak for fajitas.